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General Information About Magnetic Island

Sitting in the sparkling Coral Sea, just nine kilometers from Townsville, Magnetic Island is part of North Queensland's famed Great Barrier Reef.

As many holiday makers have discovered, it is not only a beautiful tropical island, but has lots of other on-shore and off-shore surprises which delight and invigorate jaded visitors at every turn.

Rugged, boulder-strewn mountains stand as sentinels over no fewer than twenty three magnificent bays, beaches or coves. Eleven of these can only be reached by boat. The others are generally separated by truly awesome headlands of huge granite rocks. Many are secluded, but are easily accessed by car, cycle or on foot.

No matter how many people are on the island, you will always find a private spot on a beach, and cool shade beneath a palm, hoop pine, or banyan tree

Approximately 75% of Magnetic Island is National Park, home to a dazzling variety of bird life, rock wallabies and the largest koala population in the world.

Some bays are Marine Parks, where fishing is forbidden. Diving, snorkeling or just looking into the water, could reveal sea creatures you may not ever see again.

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